The WORLD HUMANISTIC UNIVERSITY, is responsible for generating, projecting guidelines and educational, social, cultural, environmental policies, etc. that encourage human development in an integral way, to encourage the strengthening of knowledge as tangible and intangible heritage of humanity, and the promotion and empowerment of the Cultural Expressions of the world, as substantive and determining elements for the cultivation of knowledge, memory, the cultural heritage and the deepening of the sense of identity, as expressions of the thought of a dignified and integral life.




The WORLD HUMANISTIC UNIVERSITY, is projected as a model for the process of transformation of society in education, science, and social culture, contributing to the fulfillment of the duties in education, preservation, enrichment and restoration of tangible and intangible knowledge and historical memory of the world, with special attention to the most sensitive fringes of society; as well as being the guarantor of the issuance, reception and circulation of education, focused on the full acquisition of knowledge.