Fill out the form referring to your transcript of graduate studies, Post-graduation, and other courses and trainings that you have attended.


Credit Transfer: Once you are selected, the program coordinator can reassess the disciplines or credits obtained at other universities, so they can be reused as credits for the completion of graduate, post graduate and doctorate. The disciplines and their grades will be transferred to the transcript.


 If you attended courses or other post-graduate programs in your area of ​​expertise, and you obtained approval of these disciplines, these credits can be transferred to the graduate and post-graduate programs.


The equivalence of these disciplines should have some relation to the title of your thesis, then, we can reuse this program length that has direct relation to the theoretical and conceptual epistemology of your doctoral thesis.


The evaluation and competence to write and do research for your thesis: At the WORLD HUMANISTIC UNIVERSITY we aim to develop in the researcher a special appreciation for the humanities and social sciences.


Our advisors are well prepared to assist you with anything you need to apply in your thesis empirical or qualitative methodology.


During the month of January of each year the students of graduate, doctorate and master’s degree can count with the Academic Coordinator.


The evaluation takes place in the course of applying the results of studies that are being written to exhibit your hypothesis.


The course will develop an innovative and original research in your area; the students must write and show the results in the course of their studies.


The most important part of this process is the defense of the thesis, where theoretical and conceptual domain of the knowledge will be assessed by the examiners of the thesis.