2021, the year of Humanology

          Humanology is the discipline that studies and explains human beings. It helps them approach and understand the reality of their own uniqueness, develop themselves and advance in life. In the context of the pandemic the world is experiencing nowadays, the International Institute of Humanology and the World Humanistic University have signed an alliance to promote Humanology® as the methodology that studies and explains human beings, beginning with the method that helps them recover and increase their optimism and energy. 

          Optimists don’t give up. They are multifaceted, creative and resourceful. 

Optimism improves physical and mental health, and the ability to face problems. It can be re-learned. By collaborating, both institutions offer the tools to do so this year 2021 via the International Institute of Humanology’s online platform. A Master’s Degree in Humanology designed and taught by the Institute, and accredited and supported by the University will be globally available as of January 25th, 2021.

          In order to launch this initiative, the book "Sóforas y Jacarandas, hablando claro" by humanologist Jessica J. Lockhart will be officially presented live on the 16th of this month. This resource will be part of the reading materials of the master's program and on the same date a global book club will review it. On January 23rd, Human Conversations, the panel of experts, will host some of the most prominent communication experts to discuss: "Communication as our human driving force".

          In this spirit, the first Master's Degree in Humanology in the world will be offered by the International Institute of Humanology in collaboration with the World Humanistic University with a starting date of January 25th, 2021. The master's degree is made up of four University Certificate Programs which are: 1. Optimism Coaching, 2. Personal Development, 3. Human Relations and 4. Human Development.  All courses will be offered globally in Spanish and English. 

          Finally, on March 6th and 7th, the 2nd Global Optimism Summit will be held. This event will be framed within the first semester of the master's program and will offer talks, practical classes and panels of experts from different areas and countries. 

          For more information and interviews with the organizers, please contact us at the International Institute of Humanology: and
World Humanistic University: