The WORLD HUMANISTIC UNIVERSITY gives conditions to its students to study in several countries of the world. Our goal is that we want to help profesionals and others people who study to develope their knowledge in Humanistic topics.


         The headquarters of this university is in the city of Miami Florida. Students can obtain their Bachelor, Masters, Specialization courses and PhD, making the option: classroom, semi-presence or on line. We are recognized by the State of Florida at the State Department in the division of corporations with the federal registry number N.18000010315, of the United States.


The World Humanistic University is responsible for generating and projecting educational, social, cultural, security, risk and environmental guidelines and policies. that encourage Human Development, Our misión is to the strength the knowledge as tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and to the promotion and empowerment of the Cultural Expressions of the world.


The WORLD HUMANISTIC UNIVERSITY, is projected as a model for the process of transformation for the society in education, science, technology, innovation, and social culture. Our mission is to contribute to the fulfillment of the duties in education, preservation, enrichment and restoration of tangible and intangible knowledge and the historical memory of the world. For us is very important to put special attention to the most sensitive fringes of the societ.


        We are accepting students from all countries! See the "Résumé" of our partners, for further information please fill out the form to request information.